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RidgeRunner FAQ (frequently asked questions)
How old is the Ridgerunner Train ?
The Ridgerunner Train made its maiden run atop East River Mountain in 1964. This coming year, (2022) we celebrate its 56th year of providing fun for all ages, at the Bluefield City Park.
When is the Ridgerunner Train in operation ?
The Ridgerunner Train normally runs starting in the Spring thru early Autumn (April - September)

The start and end dates vary, depending on weather conditions and maintenance schedules.

This coming year, (2022) the Ridgerunner Train will begin its operations on Sat April 6, 2022 and will closed late September/early October.

What are the hours of operation ?

Saturdays and Sundays
from 12:00pm (noon) till 6:00pm *weather permitting

How much does it cost to ride the RidgeRunner Train ?
All rides are $ 2.00 per person ... all ages

Souvenirs still remain, visit our Gift Shop while at the Park.
Where is the Train located, is there a map ?
The Ridgerunner Train is located in the Bluefield City Park (Bluefield WV/VA) * Lotito Park

Other activities at the park include Yakkity Yak playground, streams, walking and bike trails, Tennis courts, Baseball / Basketball, Picnic tables and Shelters, Horse ring, and more.

The Bluefield WV Parks and Recreation Dept maintains the Park. See MAP >>> here

Other TRAIN Contacts found >>> here
How can I make a donation to help keep the Ridgerunner Train running ?
The Ridgerunner Train needs and welcomes the support of the community.
Donations can be made to the ---

Community Foundation of the Virginia's, Inc.
P.O. Box 4127
Bluefield, WV 24701

Phone: 304-324-0222

*Please make notation that support is for the Ridgerunner


How many riders has the Rigderunner had since it reopened ? (relaunch)
Since relaunch (2011) there have been over 90,000 riders.

** Total Ridership in 50+ years is almost 500,000 riders !

Grand total since 2011 —-96,357
2018 riders were 7602

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